» Giving Your Press Releases Wings

Giving Your Press Releases Wings

Posted on: Apr 24, 2014

Get More Often when someone in your law firm wants to write a news release, their focus is local. In fact, the news media say that to get a release published, the writer must “lead local and localize your lead”. In today’s world this adage must take on a new twist, more so if your firm wants to attract clients from other areas because you have attorneys to serve their needs. Being a one-stop legal firm means you need to broaden your reach and look for ways to expand your media release to make it attractive to a broader audience.

The more ways you are able to reach a wider demographic, the greater your chances are of converting a reader to a client. Think about your news release content from a different perspective. In other words, put yourself in a reader’s shoes and determine what would be of interest to the most number of people in different locations, whether that may be locally, state wide or globally.

For instance, if you are a criminal defense attorney and specialize in DWI cases, you want to make sure your legal expertise is known far and wide in your state, and beyond, because people travel more than ever these days. If you’re arrested on suspicion of DWI miles away from your home, you need an experienced DWI lawyer to help your navigate local laws.

If you are a transactional lawyer with clients overseas, your news content, etc., needs to appeal to all audiences on both side of the Atlantic. The advent of the Internet means the world is a much smaller place than it ever used to be. Take advantage of the ability to write a release without borders with a broad base appeal that everyone finds interesting and informative.

If your firm offers services in different languages, people need to know. If you are qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions, people want to know that, too. If you offer unique and specialized services in various areas, this is a valuable telling point. News releases are one of your best marketing tools. Use them to get people’s attention and educate them about your abilities and services.

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