» Build a Class Action Lawsuit with News Releases

Build a Class Action Lawsuit with News Releases

Posted on: Jun 16, 2014

lawyer giving presentationIf you’re firm is working on forming a class action lawsuit, write a news release about it. It is one of the most effective ways an attorney has to connect with victims and assisting them to obtain compensation for their injuries. While word-of-mouth is relevant in this kind of a situation, a law firm gets far more exposure to a wider audience by utilizing not only traditional media outlets, but using online social media and services that distribute news releases far and wide.

A law firm depends on its skills to assist people solve legal issues. Without making the firm known in as many ways as possible using all relevant media sources, it is difficult to get the steady stream of clients a firm needs to stay in the black. By using news releases that are written with the proper style and containing all relevant information about the case the firm is working on, more people know who may represent them for their lawsuit against the same defendant. Class action lawsuits may amalgamate hundreds or thousands under one umbrella to seek justice via this civil litigation device.

The success of a class action lawsuit depends on garnering a significant number of plaintiffs (and a lead plaintiff, usually the first person to contact an attorney about their case) and one way to spread the word that your law firm is available to help equally affected victims, is through using news releases. Building a class action lawsuit takes time and strategy but news releases can deliver the leads.

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