» Link to the Most Relevant Page, not Your Home Page

Link to the Most Relevant Page, not Your Home Page

Posted on: Jun 9, 2014

Website Traffic from Press ReleasesLinking to a home page is something many have done for years, because that was the way it was done, once upon a time. Things have changed and it is now more germane to link to related pages on your law firm’s website than just linking to the home page. It is more than just more relevant to link content related to various related pages it is now required to be fresh and relevant for better search engine results.

If a criminal defense attorney writes a news release about white-collar crimes, they need to link the release to the white-collar crimes related page within the news release and not the home page (which may be too overpopulated with other areas of law practiced and get lost in the noise). Similarly, if a family law lawyer issues a news release pertaining to the latest updated information about adoptions in their state, they need to link that release to the adoption page. Gone are the days of hyperlinking keyphrases. What is more important now than ever is content and content that is not only fresh and up-to-date, but relevant to the page it is linked to on the law firm’s website.

It pays to also check your backlinks to see who is linking to the firm’s website, so if the firm is doing everything right, the backlinks do not undermine the overall results in terms of ranking or possible penalties.

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