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Full syndication becoming less important

Posted on: Jun 4, 2013

web 3.0Syndication is the heartbeat of press release distribution. It is how your news reaches a wider audience, gives your firm exposure, and introduces your message to the general public. But full syndication on third-party sites is going to become a thing of the past.

As more readers look to mobile aggregates and social networks to get their news, press releases of the future need to reach these websites with links back to the original source and not necessarily full syndication. What is most important is getting your headlines and captivating excerpts on highly popular websites, mobile apps, aggregates, and news sites (more…)

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Shine Some Light on Your Law Firm Name

Posted on: May 28, 2013

Shine light on law firmGetting a few links from your press release is helpful, but with new changes in the way Google determines relevance, mentioning your law firm name may do a lot to improve your ranking.

In the past, Google looked to hyper-linked keyphrases to determine the relevance of a website (they still do, to some degree). Therefore, to improve your position, you may have used press releases as a vehicle to drive links from third-party sites back to your law firm’s site. But as outlined this week on SEO | Law Firm, Google can determine the relevance of a brand without needing a hard-coded (more…)

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Continue the story on your website

Posted on: May 6, 2013

Get More A great way to get more out of your press release is to tease the reader with most of the story, but include extra information about the topic on your website. This turns the press release into a gateway to your law firms website, rather than just an advertisement.

For example, say that your law firm is hosting a seminar. Make some literature for the seminar publicly available on your website as a PDF. Rather than including the PDF with your press release, mention that the downloads are available on your website and link to the page where the items can (more…)

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The Cure for the Summertime News

Posted on: Jul 25, 2011

July is the only month out of the year when every school on a traditional schedule in the United States is out. Families are traveling, offices have various employee vacation schedules to juggle, and the pace of life seems to move a little slower than normal.

Of course, a marketing plan should never sleep, so it is important to keep your law firm in the news even throughout the slower times of year. The best way to do that is through seminars. We have encouraged the use of seminars in the past as ways to get in the news while also marketing (more…)

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How News Releases Attract E-mail Visitors

Posted on: Feb 21, 2011

When Law Firm Newswire clients review their website statistics, they often wonder why their news release attracts so much traffic from e-mail providers. While news releases do go out through Law Firm Newswire’s weekly e-mail update (must subscribe to get receive update), that is not the primary source.

Google Alerts allows individuals to subscribe to certain keyphrases based on topics of interest. When a new page is indexed in Google, a new blog entry is sent to Google Blog Search, or a news item is posted in Google News, an e-mail goes out to the Google Alerts subscriber. Some subscribers ask for (more…)

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There is No I in News

Posted on: Nov 8, 2010

Getting your legal news read is what it is all about. First, you need to distribute your news through a powerful distribution like Law Firm Newswire’s network.

But this week’s tip is not just about plugging the fastest growing press release distribution service gaining attention of law firms across the nation (LawFirmNewswire.com). Instead, it is about becoming widely read by following some rules.

You want to make your news sound like news. It needs to read like the pages of a national newspaper, authoritative and clear. Make your content relevant to the reader.

Here are a few rules to follow:

There is no You.

News is (more…)

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Your Law Firm’s News Should Sound Like News

Posted on: Nov 1, 2010

Writing press releases for your law firm can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps the most difficult time to write a popular press release is when your law firm actually has newsworthy data to release.

What makes a press release interesting is the relevance it has to an audience. For example, if you are hosting a seminar in your office, you may immediately think that the topic should be about when and where then list credentials of the hosting attorney.

But what pushes a press release from a press release to relevant news is the added data you provide.

Let’s take a pertinent topic like foreclosure (more…)

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Why Lawyers Should Mix Politics with Press Releases

Posted on: Oct 25, 2010

Sending routine press releases about your law firm is a crucial part of your law firm marketing. It gives your law firm exposure to an audience immediately after it goes live. However, newsworthy events may not happen at a pace fast enough to keep up with your press release schedule.

In slow periods, you can turn to other news and provide professional commentary.

If new legislation is in your state senate or house of representatives, or the U.S. Congress, write a press release about how it relates to your clients. In fact, you can get political in your news releases as long as (more…)

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Writing Legal News Headlines that Attract Readers

Posted on: Oct 18, 2010

As part of our month long celebration of Law Firm Newswire’s official public launch, we are going to be giving tips on getting more readers to your press releases. Today, it is all about the headline.

When reading a newspaper or online news source, you are hit with a page full of headlines that vie for your attention. When you send a press release about your law firm, it’s important to write a headline that is going to grab readers.

Let’s say an estate-planning attorney is doing a seminar on the reinstatement of the estate tax in 2011. A headline such as “Lawyer (more…)

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Law Firms Turn to Press Releases to Get New Cases

Posted on: Oct 11, 2010

As many lawyers focus on getting new clients and reaching their firm’s growth goals, they turn to the one law firm marketing tool that never goes out of style. The news.

News releases are an investment in your law firm marketing that help to advance other parts of your legal marketing strategy.

Here are a few examples:

1) You optimize your website for a group of keyphrases. A press release will be able to hyperlink keyphrases in the body of its content, which reflect the keyphrases you are optimizing for. So if you are optimizing for the phrase “Seattle divorce lawyer”, your press release (more…)

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