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Using News Releases to Improve Social Following

Posted on: Aug 20, 2012

Online press releases give you the power to place your law firm’s name in hundreds of news sites and on thousands of blogs, speaking directly to your target audience. But the goal of news releases isn’t always about short term lead building. They can also be used to build your social following.

Facebook does not allow you to encourage your page visitors to “Like” you or become a Fan. When changing your Facebook page cover image, you agree to those terms. However, you can certainly give people a reason to “Like” you off of Facebook’s network, and that’s where press releases can (more…)

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Sometimes a Press Release Should Go Global and Local

Posted on: Aug 13, 2012

When commenting on a high profile case or legislation relating to your practice area(s), its best to keep the news release online. Such topics are very popular online and can yield a lot of traffic to your website. But in the hands of your local newspaper’s editor, those types of releases are unlikely to go beyond their trash can.

Sometimes your new releases need to go online and also to your local newspapers and television channels. If your firm is sponsoring an event, hosting a seminar or involved in a local activity, those locally relevant press releases should be sent to your (more…)

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The Value of Pictures in Press Releases

Posted on: Aug 6, 2012

An interesting topic, a newspaper quality press release and proper use of key phrases can yield a lot of visitors and leads for your firm. The focus of a press release is primarily on getting readers from your press release to your website. But adding pictures can get people from search engines and social networks to your press release.

When a picture is included with a press release, Google News will often display that picture next to the listing. Images improve the number of clicks generated by Google News readers.

Another way press releases help deliver exposure to law firms is by social (more…)

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SEO Value of Press Releases After Recent Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Posted on: Jul 30, 2012

Last week, Lisa Buyer wrote an excellent piece on Search Engine Watch titled, “Can the SEO-PR Love Affair Survive After Panda & Penguin?”.

After Google Panda’s release last year, Law Firm Newswire’s parent company, Adviatech, held an idea summit for their key employees at the Tampa Club near their headquarters in Florida. The entire day was filled with exceptional food, wine and discussions about how the Google Panda updates were changing the online marketing world and how they would affect the value of press releases for search engine optimization. The entire team contributed solutions.

It became clear after last year’s updates that news (more…)

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Short vs Long Term Benefits of Press Releases

Posted on: Jul 23, 2012

Online news releases provide law firms with many benefits, some of which are immediate and some long term.

Short Term

The short term benefit of a press release is that ability to get exposure… right now. As soon as the press release hits the vast network of distributors from social networks, news websites and Google News, your news release can attract an impressive audience of readers and deliver traffic to your website.

Long Term

The long term benefits of a press release outnumber the short. First, with press releases being syndicated to a vast network of websites, your links within those press releases also get (more…)

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Linking the Right Words

Posted on: Jul 16, 2012

Instant exposure and a plethora of readers are two valuable benefits of submitting a press release online. But press releases also provide a key benefit for your search engine optimization goals.

Inbound links are very important for improving your search rankings. As your news release is syndicated, those links pointing back to your website are also syndicated, thus increasing the number of websites linking to your law firm’s website.

But it’s not just the number of links that are important. The words you choose to link matter, too. For example, if you are a custody lawyer in Portland Oregon, you do not (more…)

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Write Press Releases on Popular News Trends

Posted on: Jun 18, 2012

Lawyers can maximize their exposure by writing press releases on topics that are currently popular. High profile cases, national politics, and popular news stories can change the nation’s dialogue and shine new light on your law firm’s practice area(s).

By writing a news release that comments on a high profile case or current event, you place your law firm in the spotlight as an expert while getting exposure for your firm.

Press releases that are based on popular news often get more readers and deliver more traffic to your website. When looking for a topic for your next news release, look to (more…)

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Offer a New Perspective to Get High Profile Cases

Posted on: May 21, 2012

When writing a press release about a case that your firm is not involved in, it is important to offer a new perspective. In states where its allowed, lawyers can capitalize on a high profile case by writing a news release about the details and offering their thoughts and comments.

High profile cases are often heavily searched for through both social networks and Google News, so putting information on the web related to such case could send a lot of valuable traffic to your firm’s website.

However, in order for this to be effective you absolutely must offer something new. If your (more…)

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All Events are Press Release Worthy

Posted on: May 14, 2012

Lawyers should not be shy about sending out press releases when they speak. Whether it’s a major media event or a lecture at a community center, anything your law firm does is worthy of media attention.

When you submit a press release, you are distributing it to a network of major news sites, niche legal sites, blogs, Google News and social networks. That provides immediate exposure. However, that press release does not disappear after a couple weeks. It stays online indefinitely.

Say your firm gave a lecture at a community center on senior citizens filing for divorce. Such a niche term wouldn’t (more…)

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Making Your Press Release Customer Friendly

Posted on: Apr 9, 2012

Recently, we talked about how submitting press releases to local news publications is a still a valuable way of getting exposure to your law firm. We also recommended that you write a press release differently for a public online release than you would for a newspaper’s editor. Here are some ways to make your press release connect with your target audience.

Make the tone of the press release sound like a news story, not a corporate announcement. By writing the press release like it was drafted by an unaffiliated journalist, you give the article more credibility. Give useful information such as announcements, (more…)

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