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Editorial Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed in order for your submitted legal news to be published on Law Firm Newswire and our distribution network.

Press Release Formatting

  • Title

The title of your law firm’s press release must make a statement with a noun and a verb. The following are examples to help you format your release:

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Wins Settlement for Motorcycle Victim
Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Offers Free Ebook on Divorce Preparation
Business Lawyer Thomas Smith Outlines New Regulations

Use your city and practice area in the title for an optimal search engine optimized press release.

  • Language

Profanity is not strictly prohibited but is discouraged, as it is considered an unprofessional practice. However, in releases pertaining to court cases, LFN will not censor or change the content of quote if it contains profane language.

  • Third Party

Press releases should be written from a third party perspective. The use of words such as “you, me, I, we” should only be used in quotations. Press releases should read like newspaper articles.

  • No Blatant Advertising

Press releases should contain useful content and information. While the press release does advertise your firm, build links to your website, provide contact information, and help drive traffic to your website, your press release content can NOT contain sales language. Your news will be syndicated and picked up by a larger variety of websites if you maintain high-quality standards.

  • Topics

Law Firm Newswire accepts press releases on a variety of topics, legal matters, and even political commentary. However, certain guidelines do apply.

Slander – Press releases that include slanderous or libelous statements will be rejected.

Cases – If a particular case is the topic of your press release, you must include the case name and court in which it is filed.

Truth – Statements in all press releases must be accurate.

Sources – If you cited a statement from another news publication, you must link to or mention that source in the footer of your press release.

Politics – Political commentary is allowed in press releases on Law Firm Newswire. However, comments must be attributed to a person or company statement in a quote within the release and cannot be part of the general news release content. Conspiracy theories, absurd speculation, or anything that could be interpreted as inflammatory political discourse is not allowed. Disagree and debate as ladies and gentlemen.

Reputation Destruction – Any press release that is written with the obvious intent of harming another person or company’s reputation will not be approved.

  • Declines and Refunds

Law Firm Newswire will not issue a refund if a submitted article does not meet our editorial guidelines. However, our editorial team will work closely with you to help you get your news release approved. If it is not possible to approve the release, a credit will be available and applied to any Law Firm Newswire product. Credits are valid for 12 months.

  • Responsibility for Content

You are fully responsible for the content you submit based on our terms of submission. Law Firm Newswire will comply with lawful removal requests as required by law in the State of Florida and United States Federal Law.


Chief News Editor

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is the Chief News Editor of Law Firm Newswire. She oversees the compliance of LFN’s editorial guidelines.

She can be contacted using our Contact Us page.

Format Editor

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson is Law Firm Newswire’s format editor responsible for keeping all submitted press releases in compliance with technical formatting requirements.

Mr. Johnson can be contacted using our Contact Us page.