FAQ | Law Firm Newswire


Q: How do I submit a press release to Law Firm Newswire?

A: Create an account and select the distribution plan level. You will submit your press release content and be directed to a payment page that will redirect you to PayPal. Once the payment is processed, your press release will go into editorial review.

Q: How long does it take for my press release to go live?

A: Depending on the submission volume, press releases will go live within 24 to 48 hours Monday through Friday, unless expedited distribution is purchased.

Q: Press releases don’t go live on the weekend?

A: No. We want our clients to get the most exposure possible, and for that reason, we do not release new press releases on Saturdays and Sundays unless you have a special circumstance.

Q: Can I add video to my press release?

A: Yes. Our top distribution levels allow the integration of YouTube videos in your release. Instructions are available on the submission form in your account.

Q: Can I add Powerpoint presentations to my press release?

A: Only top distribution levels allow the integration of Powerpoint. You upload your Powerpoint or Openoffice Impress file and we do the rest.

Q: Will Law Firm Newswire only publish news from lawyers?

A: No. Law Firm Newswire publishes news for attorneys, law firms, and legal industry related organizations. However, your company must fit within an existing category.

Q: Is Law Firm Newswire owned by another newswire or press release distribution service?

A: No. Law Firm Newswire is an Adviatech company. Adviatech is a marketing firm and does not at this time own any other news distribution services.

Q: Does Law Firm Newswire offer bulk rates for marketing firms?

A: Yes, for PR agencies or law firms with high media activity, Law Firm Newswire will offer a monthly distribution plan. Contractual terms are also available for a reduced rate. Plans for PR firms will be available in 2011.

Q: Do small law firms use Law Firm Newswire?

A: From solo practicing attorneys to large multi-location, multi-lawyer law firms, Law Firm Newswire works with firms of all sizes, and we look forward to working with you.