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Business Disputes

In the past, disputes that arose during the course of doing business often resulted in the various parties squaring off for a fight in court. The cost of litigation is expense and because of this, a newer way to handle business disputes is becoming popular.

Business dispute resolution is now a path chosen more often than going to court. Businesses wish to solve their issues as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible, and keep their expenses low. When using a lawyer for business disputes, companies are often looking for cost effective solutions to make the problem go away. Mediation is one of those methods.

In mediation, a neutral third party helps opposing sides work towards a resolution that works for everyone at the table. The mediator does not make a decision, but instead assists the parties in negotiation. Mediation may be used for simple matters and complicated debt/credit issues. It may also be used successfully in the areas of labor and employment when dealing with issues such as harassment, grievances and collective agreements. There is only one requirement in mediation, and that is both sides must be willing to talk things through to an acceptable conclusion.