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Construction Law

This complex body of law deals with any matter involving building construction and its related fields. Construction law may deal with such issues as bonds, bonding, contract law, guarantees, liens, tendering, sureties, construction claims and consulting contracts.

Construction law deals with issues such as ensuring the correct regulatory framework, including building regulations, payment, planning, etc; contractual issues dealing with the traditional method to contract or other alternative forms; causes of action, liability issues, negligence, insurance and dispute resolution.

Construction law affects a great number of individuals in the industry, including planners, architects, construction workers, builders, surveyors, banking and loan institutions, engineers, project supervisors, suppliers, etc. Although a great portion of the legal work done in relation to construction law is transactional in nature, this does not rule out dealing with contentious issues by litigating a case in court. Most legal counsel will offer alternative dispute resolution in this area, it is ultimately up to the client as to what method is the most effective to resolve a construction law issue.