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Investigations and Compliance

Investigations and compliance law deals applies to those acting in the capacity of advising corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships on how to successfully cultivate internal programs that educate employees about compliance. Lawyers in this area counsel clients on how to conduct internal investigations and also defend the same entities in government investigations, civil enforcement actions and criminal prosecutions.

The driving force behind investigations and compliance law is that in today’s complex business milieu, companies must make sure that all of their workers are acting in a lawful manner and that they avoid the appearance of acting in an unseemly manner. The best way to accomplish this is to have an internal audit, then implement a compliance program effectively.

It is important to have a compliance program for several reasons. It makes good business sense, because it lets management know that there are problems before they become larger issues. The mere existence of a program deters government and private lawsuits. Lastly, such a program makes sure the business is running efficiently, effectively and in compliance with all the necessary rules, laws and regulations.