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Drug Offenses

Drug offenses are typically referred to as crimes. The specific crimes are possessing, using, making or distributing drugs that can be abused. These days, that covers a lot of territory and may include, but not be limited to: morphine, bath salts, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetimines and other street drugs. Drug offenses may also refer to drug trafficking and drug production, either on a smaller, local scale, or on the scale of organized crime and drug cartels.

This category of crime is often linked to other crimes, like robbery, aggravated assault, theft, sexual assaults, etc., and this is where the distinction of what crime has been committed comes into question. When it comes to drugs, there are three kinds of crimes: system related crime, economic related crime and use related crime.

Use related involves those who take drugs and commit crimes, as the drug affected their actions. Economic related crimes are those that happen when a person steals to buy drugs for their habit. System related crimes are the fallout of the drug system itself and include crimes like selling drugs, making them and transporting them.