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False Billing

False billing is an act of fraud, where one person or company invoices another for items they did not order. False billing scams may be perpetrated online, when domain names owners are sent renewal notices that are not from their registrar. They are also used when billing a person or company for advertising on publications they did not order or authorize.

In some cases, scammers will send a false billing to a small company, thinking they will not check their records to verify the bill. Some fraud artists will also harass their marks by saying they will take them to court or report them to the credit bureau and list them as a credit risk.

There are three things that false billers often do to scam their victims: legitimate ads are copied into a scam publication, and the bill is sent to the target company; the business is solicited for advertising by inferring the publication is affiliated with a legitimate organization (such as afire department) when it is not; and a company is contacted and told the ad they agreed to run (several months ago) has made it into print and they will get it soon, along with an invoice. This is the most common form of false billing.