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Gun Charges

Gun laws in the U.S. are different in every state and are also independent of federal firearms laws. Generally speaking, the laws regulate the possession, sale and use of firearms and ammunition. While most think the gun laws refer to handguns and rifles, there are some states with assault weapon bans.

Those who use firearms are subject to the laws of the state they are in, not the law of the state where they live. Additionally, there is some level of reciprocity between states dealing with concealed carry permits. These are recognized on a state by state basis and may not be the same from location to location. Some states refuse to recognize out of state carry permits. Knowing the applicable laws is important.

State firearms laws tend to not be as restrictive as federal firearms laws, but that does not mean local police or state police are legally obliged to enforce the federal laws. Generally speaking, if someone faces a gun charge, they will need to seek legal counsel and be familiar with the gun charge laws in the state in which they are charged.