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Organized Crime

Organized crime really is not all that organized, largely due to the nature of the organization itself. It is virtually impossible to control all aspects of a large outfit with thousands of people involved with any degree of certainty or accuracy.

Nonetheless, the definition of organized crime still brings to mind the terms Mafia, the Mob and La Cosa Nostra. In its broadest sense, organized crime is a large international, national or local group of people and enterprises run by criminals. Their main goal is to illegally obtain money.

Typically, there are a number of things that tend to define organized crime, aside from their profit driven motives, and those may include: a hierarchy of bosses and underlings, limited membership, the importance of secrecy, ongoing, and the use of any means necessary by members to get money, including murder. The group dominates their local marketing area and has very specific rules and a Code of Honor.

Due to the nature of organized crime as a large group driven by illegal goals, there are any number of crimes that may be committed in their name. These may range from money laundering to murder, and from extortion to bribery.