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Traffic offences typically result in a traffic ticket for the violation of motor vehicle laws. Most of the tickets come in two forms – a moving violation (speeding) or a non-moving violation (parking). In the case of a traffic ticket for a parking offense, the motorist gets a parking ticket.

In some U.S. jurisdictions, the traffic offense ticket is the motorist’s notice that a fine or point deduction has been or will be assessed against them. If they choose to ignore the warning notice, they usually face prosecution, or in some instances, go to civil recovery proceedings for the fine. In other U.S. states, traffic tickets are a citation only, and a summons that the motorist must appear in traffic court. Whether or not the driver is guilty is only decided in court.

Minor traffic violations are usually referred to as civil infractions. What that involves is varied, but it is usually relates to defective/unauthorized vehicle equipment, non-moving violations, insurance/registration issues, seat belt violations, etc. More serious traffic violations may be criminally liable and spring a misdemeanor or felony charge. The serious offenses often involve damage to property, death, serious bodily harm and willful disregard for public safety.