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Elder Law

Elder law deals with issues that affect individuals as they age. These issues include estate planning, estate administration, tax issues, long-term care issues, disability, conservatorship, guardianship and fiduciary administration.

Elder law also encompass matters such as neglect, fraud, elder abuse, trusts, end-of-life planning, retirement planning, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, Social Security benefits, Medicaid planning, in home care, nursing home care, consumer protection, real estate, mortgage assistance, medical care directives, discrimination and powers of attorney. As more people are living longer and healthier lives, this is an area of the law that has increased in importance.

The US census revealed that at least 12% of the population was over 65-years of age and that by the year 2050, that number would be 20%. With a higher concentration of seniors in the US, they have become a driving force to legally protect their entitlements and benefits from the cost reduction measures of the government. In order to protect their assets, they need an attorney with experience in elder law.