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Medicaid Applications

Medicaid applications used to be easy to fill out. They are not any longer. Things have evolved over time, and there are now a lot of rules and regulations and changes to the criteria necessary to qualify. While Medicaid does offer fairly good coverage for those who need it, there are many requirements that need to be met to access it. It is designed to help low income individuals who cannot afford any other kind of health insurance, and will help pay for prescriptions, testing, stays in hospital and doctor’s visits.

Long-term care planning and access to Medicaid should go hand in hand for seniors for their future care. In fact, this often needs to be a part of estate planning for the future. However, this does not often happen, and the only entity seniors have to turn to is Medicaid.

To qualify for Medicaid, the applicant needs proper identification, a valid Social Security number, proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of residency, and the ability to show what other income or assistance he or she has. Statistically speaking, those over the age of 65 generally have a better chance of getting Medicaid.