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Employment Law

Employment law is an area of the law that has its original origins in English common law; originally a set of parameters that defined the interaction between the employer and his worker as that of master and servant. This was a nod to the employer (master) giving directions on what to do at work to the worker (servant). In more modern times, labor laws often deal with the employer-union relationship and employment laws usually cover the employer-employee relationship.

In the 21st century, employment law still regulates the company/worker relationship and involves issues such as hiring, firing, retirement, the right to organize a union, negotiations and collective bargaining, health, safety, harassment, discrimination, wages, hours, human resources manuals and more.

If a worker files a claim for workers’ compensation, unemployment, discrimination or harassment, these claims fall under the purview of employment law. Employment law deals with not just the employer and the worker’s responsibilities, actions and rights, but also focuses on the relationship between them.