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Child Support

Child support, also often referred to as child maintenance, is payments made by one parent to the other to help care for the child after the end of a relationship (marriage or other type of arrangement). There are some instances where child support is paid to an individual where no relationship existed, but there is a child as the result of a connection. The right to get child support is an internationally recognized right. And since this right is globally recognized, no one can insist that they do not know about it or that they will not pay it. The law is child support must be paid for the benefit and betterment of the child(ren).

Child support, and how it is paid, varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some states, the parent that has custody of the child may pay support to the parent that does not have custody. It does not matter if the person paying support is the mother or father. In the case where the parents have joint custody, there is no non-custodial parent, and the person making the most money may be told to pay the other parent.