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Divorce is the parting of the ways for two people who are married. Divorce is not to be confused with annulment, which is a declaration that the marriage ceremony itself was null and void. Divorce is dissolving a legal union, and divorce laws vary substantially from place to place. Nonetheless, in most countries, including the U.S., the courts are required to sanction a divorce.

Most divorces include issues like property division, child custody and child support, spousal support, debt division, and child visitation issues. There is also such a thing as children divorcing their parents, often referred to as the emancipation of minors.

Even though divorce laws are quite varied, there are basically two ways to approach the issue –no-fault based or fault based. There may also be instances where a divorce is filed and the causes are both fault and no-fault. In some jurisdictions that do not require someone to name a fault to divorce, the courts may examine the behavior of the parties when assessing the case, and determining issues like amount of support, the debt load of the parties and how the parties acted when dividing property. Property division is typically determined by the law of the land in which the property is physically located.