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Deportation is an action in which an illegal immigrant living in the United States is forced to leave the country against his or her will. There is no choice in the matter as to whether or not the individual may stay in the US. The department responsible for issuing deportation orders is usually the USCIS and the order is typically issued if a person has broken the law. Breaking the law may be the result of a petty theft or a larger crime, such as assault.

Deportation is not just for current crimes, but may also occur as the result of a crime committed in the past. Although deportation orders may be appealed, the chances of having the order reversed are low. Deportation has become a major issue in the US since the evens of 9/11. The federal and increasingly state governments are committing significant resources to finding illegal immigrants, other non-US citizens and permanent residents who have committed a crime. This is often a one strike policy, that does not provide consideration for reformed individuals.

Adults and children may be deported and can be held in detention while awaiting deportation. Some may be detained for many months; while others are sent out so fast their families do not know of the deportation until they are gone. Due to the fact that immigration laws are constantly changing, it is a necessity to consult with an immigration attorney should you believe you may face deportation.