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E1 and E2 Visas

The E visas are designated for individuals entering the United States to work as traders or in the investment field. They are only issued to countries with which the US has entered a treaty agreement.

They are two types of E visas, the E1 and E2 categories. The E1 visa is for traders and the E2 visa is for investors. In other words, the E2 work visas are for those that own and invest in companies in the US. This visa is a non-immigrant US work visa, typically given for significant investment in the US. Investments must conform to several criteria for an individual to qualify for an E2 visa.

To qualify for an E2 visa, the individual must show significant cash on hand that has been committed to an investment, the investment must be an active business not a passive interest, at least half of the company must be owned by someone from another country that has a treaty with the US and the investment must make enough money to support at a minimum the investor and his family. Typically, the amount of the investment should be about $100,000 USD, but may also be less.