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F1 and F2 Visas

F1 visas are typically issued by a United States Consulate to qualified international students that are planning to be full-time students in the US. The F2 visa is typically issued to F1 dependents.

To apply for an F1 visa, the student must obtain an I-20 form signed by the educational institution they are planning to attend. They must also prove they paid the I-901 SEVIS fee, and be able to offer proof of ability to pay any tuition, fees and additional expenses. A certificate of responsibility pertaining to financial stability and/or a letter from the hiring department at the educational institution is needed if the student has been awarded an assistantship.

Other items required are proof that the student is going to return to their country of origin when they have completed their studies, clear evidence that the individual has strong family ties and allegiance to their country, proof that the parents own a business or any other documents deemed necessary.

Individuals will also need to demonstrate their proficiency in English, have acceptable GMAT, GRE or TOFEL scores, a passport that is valid for at least six months into the future and a photo ID. The passport must have an F1 visa stamp on it.