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H1B Visas

Th H1B visa is a non immigrant visa. It lets employers in the United States hire foreign workers in specialized occupations for a temporary period of time. If the worker that was issued the H1B visa is fired or quits, they must then apply for/be granted a change of status to another kind of non-immigrant visa, get work with another company or leave the country.

Specialist occupations may include those in the fields of medicine, law, education, social sciences, math, engineering, architecture, biotechnology, health or the physical sciences. Most individuals in this area must also have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. H1B work authorization is limited to work provided by a sponsor company.

H1B visas are typically in effect for three years, but the term may be extended to six. There is an exception to the maximum length of stay: if a certification has been applied for and is pending within a year, and a possible three year extension if an I-140 immigrant petition is approved.

H1B visa are portable and transferable, meaning that even though there is a limit of the time period the person may stay, there is no requirement that the person stay for any period in the job the visa was issued to cover.