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I Visas

The I visa applies to the media, meaning it is a non-immigrant visa for foreign media workers traveling to the US, but still retaining an office in their home country. There are a number of criteria that must be met for an applicant to qualify for an I visa.

The consular office makes the final decision as to whether or not a person is qualified for an I visa. An I visa is for those who are members of the media including the print industry, film, radio, press or TV, as well as reporters, editors and film crews. The person who files an application must be working for a media outlet or organization that has its headquarters in a foreign country.

In general, the activities of the person applying for this type of visa must be related to news gathering or reporting on current events or sports, filming a documentary or news event, producing or distributing a film, working as a journalist under contract, working for an independent production company, working for an overseas office/subsidiary of a US network, or employees in the technical industrial information sector.