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Immediate Relative Petitions

If an individual is a permanent resident of the United States, or is a US citizen, they may petition to have an immediate family member granted permanent residency status. Immediate family members include children under 21-years of age and not married, a parent or a spouse. The immediate family member has special immigration priority and being granted permanent residency will result in many benefits for them. One of these benefits is the ability to enter and leave the country as they please. In addition they may own property in the US.

The form required to petition an immediate family member is the I-130, referred to as the petition for an alien relative. It requires complete information about the applicant and the relative. Once the petition is signed and all the required documents are gathered, it must be mailed to USCIS along with the appropriate fee.

USCIS issues a notice of action form indicating that they have received or approved the I-130 form. Next, the relative must fill out and send in form I-485, the application to register a permanent residence or adjust status. There is a fee for filing this form as well.