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L Visas

The L visa is a document used to enter the States for the purpose of working in L1 status. It is a non-immigrant visa, only valid for about three years. This type of visa is available to workers of international companies with head offices in another country and the United States, and it lets foreign workers move to the US office after being overseas for at least a year. Spouses of those with L1 visas may work in the US and the L visa may be legally used to apply for a green card.

The L visas has two subcategories: L1A for managers and executives and L1B for those who have specialized knowledge. The L1A is valid for up to seven year and the L1B for five. Once these visas expire, the individual must leave the country for a least a year and must work for a branch of a US company during that time in order to reapply for the L1 visa.

There are two L1 procedures, the regular L1 visa and the blanket L1. Blanket visa are for employers who hire substantial numbers of transferees every year.