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M Visas

The M visa is a student visa for individuals enrolled in technical and vocational schools. To get anM visa, the student must bring a signed I-20 form to a US consulate or embassy in their home country. This form is given to the student by a school representative when the individual has met their admission requirements and has proven they can afford any applicable tuition.

Students with M visas are only allowed into the US for a fixed period of time. When the students enter the US, their departure cards are date stamped. This is in contrast to students with an F1 visa. They are eligible to stay for their designated period of time, plus any optional practical training for which they have qualified, as well as a 30-day grace period when their training ends.

Students with an M visa may not stay longer than one year unless they have a medical necessity and are granted an extension. If a student does not complete their full course of studies, they are not eligible for the 30-day grace period. Students with an M visa cannot work while studying and are not allowed to change their status to F1.