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Q Visas

Q visas are given to international cultural exchange visitors. They are issued to individuals from other countries that are traveling to the United States to be a part of an international cultural exchange program. This visa allows such visitors to work and participate in training, but they must also share the traditions, culture and history of their homeland.

Q visa recipients must have a specific form to move forward: the I-129, a petition for a non-immigrant worker. Once the petition is approved, USCIS will inform the individual. Approval of a Q visa petition does not automatically guarantee the person gets a visa; he or she may subsequently be found to be ineligible.

To get a Q visa, a US employer has to get approval for their international cultural exchange program from the USCIS. The program must be held in a museum, business or school where the interested public may access the program; it must have a cultural component that is part of the visitor’s training/employment and the program may not offer work or training without the cultural aspects being involved. These visas usually last no longer than 15 months.