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Self Petition Through Extraordinary Ability

Individuals who choose self petition through extraordinary ability do not need labor certification or the offer of a job for approval. However, the standards of this category are quite high and typically only apply to those who are at the apex of their respective fields. Usually, the fields from which people may self petition through extraordinary ability include athletics, arts, science, education and business. There are however, other occupations that do not fit into these areas, and they are determined on a case by case base and open to a broad interpretation.

To be eligible for this category, the person applying must show a one time achievement, such as being awarded the Nobel Prize, being the recipient of other awards for excellence in his or her field, having a membership in an association in his or her field that requires superior achievements, having had items published about his or her accomplishments or having made original contributions of major significance to their field.

Although the list of things that must be provided to USCIS is long and varied, the government does still reserve the right to ask for and consider any other kinds of supporting documentation if the ones already outlined do not fit the person’s field of endeavor.