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Personal Injury

Personal injury can be hard to quantify for those who have been hurt in an accident. The simplest explanation for what constitutes a personal injury is that it is something that hurts a person physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically or all four categories at once. It is not necessarily, but often is a physical injury, but it can take the form of mental, emotional and psychological damage as well.

An example of a personal injury would be someone who was injured in a car accident, and broke their wrist. That is a personal injury. The fact that they may also have broken their glasses or watch is not a personal injury. That is classified as property damage.

There are many kinds of personal injury accidents, but the most common that tend to make up the bulk of personal injury lawsuits include: auto accidents, assaults, defective products, slip, trip and fall accidents and accidents in the home and at work. It is important to note that personal injury accidents may also include to dental and medical accidents. These cases are more often referred to as medical malpractice or medical negligence. Negligence must proven in all personal injury cases in order for the plaintiff to be entitled to compensation.