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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents tend to be quite serious, due to how exposed bike riders are on their bicycles. Often, the cause of these accidents is a driver’s inattention or lack of knowledge about rules of the road for bikes. Many of the injuries sustained in accidents like this are life altering, catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injury, fractures, traumatic brain injury, crush injuries, severe road rash and soft tissue injuries like whiplash or sprains. Death is often a result of a car versus bike encounter.

The problem of bicycles clashing with automobiles has been around for decades. In fact, in the early 1930s, road engineers were trying to decide how to get bikes off the roads and let cars travel on them. Over time, it became evident that bicycles were a growing part of road traffic and something had to be done about keeping riders safe. Slowly, cities, towns and municipalities began to make areas that were designated specifically for bicycle traffic. There are now designated bike lanes in many major U.S. cities.

Even with the areas reserved for bikes, there are still accidents between bicycles and motorists. In cases like this, it is best to seek legal counsel to assist in obtaining compensation for injuries.