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Defective Products

Defective products are those that look safe, but end up harming, hurting, injuring or killing a consumer. They are products people buy every day, trusting that they will work and not hurt them. The number of product recalls each year raises real concerns for consumers and their safety.

The legal definition of a defective product is an item that is not fit for its intended use, is harmful or dangerous for normal use, does not have proper or adequate instructions on how to use the item safely, and/or it is referred to as inherently dangerous because of a flawed design, poor assembly or shoddy manufacturing.

Typically, there are four classes of defective products, with the first being a Class 1 designation. This is very serious and directly causes severe injury or a catastrophic loss. Class 2 is serious, and is the direct cause of significant injury or monetary loss. Class 3 is considered to be a major injury, which is linked to serious problems dealing with the normal or reasonable use of a product. Class 4 is usually minor and relates to non-serious problems with the intended, normal use of an item. There is also patent defect and latent defect.