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Electric Shock Injuries

Electricity loves the human body. As the current passes through it, it will cause burns along the path the current took to enter and exit the body. Injuries like this may cause long-term disabilities. Shock injuries may cause just surface burns, but usually, internal organs have been damaged. What the wound looks like on the outside has no bearing on what is going on inside the person’s body. Small external wounds or burns will not show severely damaged internal organs.

Electric shock injuries are typically rated according to the intensity of the voltage, the route the current took through the body, the length of time the current was coursing through a victim, the person’s health at the time of the shock and how fast and accurately they were treated. Injuries like this are noted to cause brain damage, skin burns, heart attacks, nerve and muscle damage and electrical amputations as the electricity blows out of the body.

Most electrical shock injuries happen in a workplace setting in industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, electrical trades and manufacturing. When dealing with injuries like this, particularly if there is a death, the estate of the deceased may file a wrongful death claim even against the employer. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the victim may not just be covered by workers’ compensation.