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Truck Accidents

Accidents involving big rigs, semis, tractor trailers, or 18-wheelers are ugly and in many instances, fatal. The sheer force of the impact of thousands of tons of steel on wheels is horrific, because trucks that size do not stop on a dime. Unfortunately, accidents like this happen far too often.

Many of the accidents that happen on the highways today are the result of a number of things: texting while driving, improperly loaded cargo, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, driving while distracted or while fatigued, driving too fast, improper maintenance, a defective vehicle, a blown tire – the list is monumentally long. Whatever the cause, the outcome of an 18-wheeler hitting another vehicle is sheer destruction.

With accidents like this, it is not just the trucker that is named as a defendant in any lawsuit. There are a cast of characters cited that may include insurance companies and the trucking company itself, not to mention the individuals who loaded the truck, did mechanical work on it, changed the tires, booked the end to end runs without enough down time between hauls, and so forth. Trucking accident cases are highly complex, and take a long time to get to justice.

Driving records are vital in cases like this, as is the onboard computer that monitors speed, direction and other actions a trucker takes while driving. Nothing is left to the imagination with these gadgets. If negligence is an issue, this will be revealed at the scene of the accident by an accident reconstructionist.