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Social Security Disability

Social security disability is not something that people tend to think about. However, it is far more common than people realize to become disabled from work. Figures show that a 20-year-old in the workforce has a three in 10 chance of being disabled before hitting retirement age.

Social security disability is typically paid out through two programs – the Social Security disability insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income program. Social Security pays benefits to those who cannot work due to a medical condition that is diagnosed as lasting at least one year, or may result in death. While this is a very strict definition, it is rigorously adhered to, as it is federal law. There are other programs that give funding to those with short-term disabilities or a partial disability, but Social Security is not set up to do that.

Generally speaking, most social security applications are processed fairly and equitably. However, there may be problems in terms of qualifying and meeting the rules and regulations to qualify. Those with problems accessing Social Security may need legal counsel to navigate the system.