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Transition Planning

Transition planning is vitally important for youth with special needs. It is designed to help prepare them for the challenges that lie out in the world and to take advantage of what opportunities may come their way. It is often best to start transition planning early, giving the special needs child time to prepare and get ready for the challenges of being an adult. An attorney is a vital tool in helping to draft a transition plan to protect the person with special needs.

Typical decisions that need to be made for a youth with special needs to transition to being in a world of adults include deciding about their living situation, work, education, finances, and social and community participation. While many of these issues are commonplace to most, special needs people benefit from pre-planning for their futures.

Transition planning may involve a number of professionals, such as the family, school officials, social workers, lawyers, local service providers and/or government employees. Often this group will meet frequently as the transition planning evolves. The core goal of this kind of planning is to help youth with special needs get a job, get further education, and enjoy a full community experience.