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Aid and Attendance and Homebound Status

Aid and attendance and homebound status assistance is available for veterans. However, they may still run into difficulty trying to access the various programs available to assist with any disabilities they may have. When they run into problems accessing programs of this nature, they may need the help of a lawyer experienced in veteran’s benefits.

Veterans who are totally disabled and have special needs are often entitled to extra benefits under the veteran’s pension and compensation sections. They are typically eligible for the added assistance if they are in need of assistance or housebound. Housebound means that the individual is essentially confined to his or her residence and cannot leave without help.

To be able to access this extra assistance, the veteran must be eligible for a veteran’s pension or be rated as being 100 percent disabled. Or, if the veteran is already getting a 100 percent disability but has a further disability rated at 60 percent or higher, he or she may be entitled to housebound benefits.

To claim these benefits, the only document required is a medical statement outlining that the veteran is housebound or does need assistance.