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In-Service Assaults

In service assaults are a particularly sensitive area of veteran’s law that involve in service sexual and physical assaults. Often, those who have been victims of this kind of assault suffer posttraumatic stress disorder, but the reason for their illness is hard to corroborate. Many victims do not report their assault, and because of this problem, Veteran’s Affairs has changed the rules to allow less evidence for corroborating incidents like this.

If PTSD is the result of in service assault, evidence from other sources, other than the affected veteran’s service records, may act as corroboration. These sources may include documentation from a rape crisis center, hospital records, a doctor’s medical files, police reports, tests for pregnancy or sexual diseases and/or statements from the member’s family, friends and colleagues. In other words, if a victim’s behavior changed after an assault, this is considered to be relevant evidence.

Veteran’s facing a difficult situation like this may well need the assistance of an experienced veteran’s benefits lawyer to help navigate the system.