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Mental Health Disorders

Mental illness is often a result of having served in the military on missions under stressful conditions of war, and the resulting conditions may involve cognitive, perceptual, behavioral, and affective elements. Those who spent time in service for their country have faced some very different health issues; issues that civilians would not face.

Typically, veterans experiencing mental health disorders served in an active war zone, and their health concerns focus on not getting shot, blown up, sustaining head trauma, sustaining an amputation, or suffering shrapnel injuries. They are also faced with other hazards such as contaminated water, toxic chemicals, infections acquired from insects in the country they are fighting, and exposure to environmental hazards. Stress like this may be the starting point for mental health disorders.

Mental health issues may result in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, panic, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Often, mental health issues are difficult to prove, as people cannot see them. Thus, it may be necessary to engage an experienced attorney to assist in filing a claim for compensation for mental health disorders that are the result of serving in a war zone.