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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post traumatic stress disorder is a real disease that leaves its victims feeling as if the danger they faced is not over. It tends to seriously affect the life of the person suffering from PTSD, as well as his or her family. Those with this illness may experience flashbacks of stressful events and feel they are happening again, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, feelings of being alone and isolated, feeling worried, sad, or guilty, and sudden, angry outbursts.

The difficult thing with PTSD is that is does not always happen right away after an event. It may kick in at different times for different people. Some may experience symptoms immediately after a frightening event, and find those symptoms continue. Others may not experience symptoms until several months or years later. PTSD is not the exclusive domain of adults. It can happen to kids and young adults, as well.

Many veterans of all ages enroll in college when they return from active duty. A recent national survey suggests that those veterans are far more likely to contemplate and even carry out suicide.

The figures indicate that nearly one half of all veterans in college have seriously considered suicide, and one in five said they had made plans to actually do it. Veterans continue to experience serious problems when they are done with their tour(s) of duty, and one of the major problems they face is post traumatic stress disorder.