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Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU)

Total disability based on individual unemployability (TDIU) is typically determined by Veteran’s Affairs, based on an individual’s military record. The VA assigns veterans a disability rating when they have been injured in combat. The rating is a percentage that is based on the impairment of the veteran’s ability to earn a living. In other words, the more severe the symptoms are, the greater the impact on the veteran trying to earn a wage.

If Veteran’s Affairs has concluded the veteran is not able to keep or get a job because of his or her disability, the VA will assign a 100 percent disability rating. There are some instances where a service related disability is not serious enough to qualify for a 100 percent rating, but the veteran may still not be able to get or hold a job.

Whether that is the case, the benefit itself is referred to as a total 100 percent rating on the grounds of not being employable because of a service related disability. It still means benefits are available to compensate to the 100 percent level if the veteran is unable to work because of service related disabilities. Put another way, TDIU entitles veterans to disability payments at the 100 percent level, even if their disability is not severe enough to be rated at 100 percent.