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Premium News Release

Sometimes the basics just aren’t enough. With Law Firm Newswire’s Premium Legal News Release, you get all the optimized basics, plus some very useful extras. Some extras improve conversion, like video in your press release. Others build more links by allowing you to import your law firm’s most recent blog entries in the footer of your press release.

» Premium News Release Features

Includes All Optimized Legal News Release Features:

  • Distribution Network: Goes out to our distribution sources who have agreed to publish news releases for your practice area.
  • Published in Google News
  • Published in Apple News
  • Posted to Twitter Network
  • Published in Law Firm Chronicle: Your news release will be fully published in its complete format in the Law Firm Chronicle, a legal news distribution partner of Law Firm Newswire.
  • Headlines on The Law Firm Network, a Ning social network for lawyers.
  • Digg, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter icons in press release

Plus Premium Legal News Release Features:

  • Add YouTube video to your news: Include videos and images into your press release to be published with your legal news.
  • Import most recent blog entries: Import the RSS feed from your law firm’s blog and send out your three most recent blog entries with your news release.
  • Display Google Maps: Display your law firm’s office in a Google Map within your legal news release.
  • PDF Distribution: Your press release is turned into a PDF then uploaded to PDFCast, DocStoc, and Scribd.
  • Upload PDF's, brochures, case details, and other documents to be distributed with your press release.
Price: $299.00: Submit Release

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