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Submission and Use Terms

This agreement is you the reader, submitter, subscriber, and/or user (You) and Adviatech Corporation doing business as Law Firm Newswire (LFN).

1. Submission

LFN will allow all you to submit press releases / news releases to LFN’s network provided that you are a lawyer, law firm, or legal industry related company that fits within one of LFN’s existing news categories. LFN will reject all other press releases.

You may submit news to LFN using the client area. Submissions to LFN are not conducted over a secured server (SSL) but all payment and financial data transmittal is processed using a secured server.

You agree by submitting content that the content you are submitting to LFN is:

a. Unique in its entirety
b. Property of you or the law firm / company you represent
c. Relevant to the legal genre
d. Appropriate for public reading

As the submitter of content to LFN, you and/or the law firm of which you represent accept full responsibility for the content that you publish. LFN accepts no liability on behalf of you, your company, your law firm, or any entity you may represent while using LFN.

All content must meat the editorial guidelines available here.

If a news release is not accepted for publishing, the submitter may receive a refund.

2. Distribution

While LFN may at the request of you, the submitter, remove your press release from LFN’s website, LFN is not capable nor will LFN make any attempt to remove the content from third party sites, blogs, subscribers, or any location in any known provable universe in which your press release may have been re-published.

Upon the submission of your press release, you authorize LFN to distribute your press release to LFN’s subscribers, publishers, and sources.

LFN will to the best of its ability keep its distribution list up to date and will not knowingly wrongfully represent a distribution source. Listing a distribution source does not in any way state that LFN has a partnership with the distribution outlet or that the source does anything more or less than receive press releases and press release content from LFN.

3. Readers and Subscribers

LFN makes no claims of accuracy or validity of any statements, claims, or otherwise made in submitted press releases. Submitters of the press releases accept full responsibility for content of their news. Some content within LFN’s website may be attorney advertising. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based on advertisement alone. LFN encourages you to contact attorneys before hiring them and request free written materials related to their experience and qualifications.

LFN is not a law firm nor does it endorse any law firm, lawyer, or attorney or any messages, opinions, or content submitted to LFN unless otherwise stated. Featured news items or prominent placement does not in any way state an endorsement of a law firm or the message submitted to LFN.

Subscribers of LFN’s RSS feeds must adhere to the guidelines listed here. LFN provides no technical support for guarantees related to the implementation or use of LFN’s RSS feeds.

4. Warranties

LFN is committed to building the best legal news and press release distribution service available. However, LFN can not guarantee placement in third party distribution locations. LFN does not guarantee or in any way warrant the success of your press release distribution, nor does LFN guarantee more website traffic, leads, or any level of response. LFN will publish the press release on LFN’s website and will distribute your press release to the locations and with the features included in your purchased service plan.

5. Indemnification

As a reader, subscriber, submitter or otherwise viewer / submitter of content available through LFN or on the LFN website, you agree to hold harmless LFN and any of its holdings, subsidiaries, or advertisers from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of or relating to any breach by you of any representations and/or warranties contained herein or otherwise arising out of or relating to the press releases submitted to LFN.

6. Payment Reimbursement

If LFN has to deny your press release due to it not meeting the criteria of LFN and/or LFN’s network, LFN will refund the paid amount to you.

After a press release is published (visible to the public), no refunds or reimbursements (partial or full) will be issued.

7. Content Writing and Editing

Unless content writing and editing services are purchased, LFN will not provide any advice on improving a submitted press release. All content written for a content client and approved becomes property of client. If you pay LFN to write a press release, you ultimately take responsible for the content approved and published under your direction.

8. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between the parties and cancels all prior negotiations, understandings and agreements between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. Terms are subject to change without notice and will be published on this page.