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Gone are the days when press releases were written exclusively for the press. It's true, companies that have national brand exposure still send press releases to the press, but what about law firms? Legal news should be written to your target market and drafted with the mindset of those who will hire your law firm.

While we use the terms "press release" and "news release" interchangeably, what you send through Law Firm Newswire’s powerful network is more accurately a news release. It consist of news about your law firm, something you are doing, something you are planning, something that matters to the local or national community. It is news. It should be read.

When you send legal news through Law Firm Newswire, you need a catchy title, an intriguing summary, and the ability to hook your target audience in a way that doesn’t just get them to read your entire news release but rather convert the reader into a new client.

It is difficult for some law firms to write news releases that sell, news releases that highlight their strengths, and news releases that forge a community with their target audience. Your want your legal news release to sound like news while marketing your law firm, but you don’t want to oversell in your content.

Law Firm Newswire’s team of writers will interview your firm and produce a press release for distribution in the network. A press release written by a third party is much more likely to take on a journalistic tone, making the news sound more authentic.

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