» Bicyclists Hit by Tractor Trailer on Georgia Highway

Bicyclists Hit by Tractor Trailer on Georgia Highway

Brunswick, GA (Law Firm Newswire) August 10, 2012 - Several bicyclists were hit by a tractor trailer on a Georgia highway. Two from Jackson County were hospitalized and another died in the accident. All of the bicyclists were age 60 or older.

The trio, all experienced cyclists, had been on a very long tour starting in Arkansas with an intended final destination of Key West, Florida. They were about two miles from Dawson, Georgia when the truck hit them from behind. The travelers were only about 700 miles short of their destination.

The Georgia accident is being investigated by police. No charges have been filed yet. The truck driver said he did not see the bicyclists as the accident happened in the early morning hours.

“These are difficult situations for everyone, especially when it isn't clear at this point what exactly happened in terms of who is responsible or if anyone will be charged,” said Nathan Williams, Georgia personal injury attorney.

Each year, tens of thousands of cyclists are injured in traffic accidents. In 2009 and 2010, there were 51,000 and 52,000 individuals injured each year, respectively. Alcohol was involved in those accidents about one third of the time, either with the biker or the vehicle driver. Most of the fatal accidents happened in urban areas.

With more baby boomers retiring and looking for ways to stay active, there may be even more people hitting the roads on their bikes. In cases like this one, where the cyclists were outside their home states, they are likely to be unfamiliar with various areas that could be dangerous depending on visibility and traffic levels. Riding in the very early morning or at dusk in unfamiliar landscapes may not be a safe practice.

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